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Hi! My name is Taylor Clark. I was born in Connecticut, went to college and made video games in Seattle, owned a business in Sioux Falls, built enterprise software in Boston, loved and fell in love in Chicago, had a stopover in Omaha, another in Kansas City, and settled in Denver. As a father, business owner, team leader, software engineer and involved community member, I am always looking to join good projects and teams to help them accomplish their goals.

My Top Skills

I've been developing software for years now.

C#/.Net Core/.Net - 16 years of experience100%
JavaScript/TypeScript - 13 years of experience95%
RESTful Services/WebAPIs - 6 years of experience85%
SQL - 13 years of experience85%
AngularJS 1.x/Angular 2-8 - 4 years of experience75%

Development Services

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  • RESTful/Web APIs

    Lately I've spent a lot of my professional time developing fast, intuitive RESTful services using ASP.Net Core WebAPI

  • Backend Logic

    I can help implement business project, data processing, just about anything you need to succeed.

  • Web Applications

    I can help you build just about any web-based application you need, quickly with few bugs, and with high performance.

  • Mobile Apps

    I build mobile apps using any of the major cross-platform frameworks which saves money and time.

  • Database Admin

    Although not my specialty, I have acted as the DBA on many projects where a solid, optimized DB was key to success.

  • Optimization

    Let me make your software run as fast as you need it to. I can speed up the UI, back-end, game loop, or database.

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